StandUpForLouis Schools Challenge 2021

SUFL Schools Challenge 2021

Schools across the UK are taking on our challenge and promoting more active lifestyles for youngsters

When? 9th June! BUT please hold your SUFL Day and day in June if this is not convenient.

With the amazing support from so many; Youth Sport Trust, ThrombosisUK, Alex Reid of Perform Fitness, Alex Sherwood of Stand Up Hull and many more, we launched StandUpForLouis Day Schools Challenge. We are working hard to promote more active lifestyles for youngsters and to raise awareness of the health risks of prolonged sitting, or sedentary lifestyles. For our challenge Perform Fitness designed a set of fun exercises children of all ages can perform in class with minimum disruption. They should try and accomplish the set of exercises twice an hour for their chosen day in June. We have also produced other free resources to help the day go smooth: printable posters of the exercises, full video demonstration of the exercises, informative posters and FREE postcards for pupils to take home.

FACT: An active lifestyle has all kinds of health benefits.
DVT: Learn the risks and symptoms today and maybe prevent a tragedy tomorrow!

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