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A trip to the doctors and Sharon was sent to A&E

I was 24 and just had my 2nd child I was sent home that same day and was enjoying my son’s first day I had calf pain my midwife after couple days said it was probably a pulled muscle after day 5 I couldn’t weight bare.

I was sent to Doctors who then sent me to A&E, I was diagnosed with a DVT in my left calf. I was admitted back on maternity ward as was feeding my son I was on meds for 6 months. 4 years went by and I had my 2nd clot I was finally tested and found to have Genetic Thrombosis Factor V Laiden so was put on warfarin for 16yrs was on warfarin my levels were more up and down than normal had many vitamin k infusions as well as twice weekly blood tests along the way they finally took me off warfarin and was put on Rivaroxaban no more blood tests well 6 monthly then finally none I carried on with working at my local hospital as a HCA (Healthcare Assistant) it was around September 2019 I started getting mild constant headaches just put it down to maybe still not drinking enough even though I was having a litre and a half each half of a day this continued for months.

I was in work on 25th November 2019 when I had a sudden pain in the back of my head I was after 10 minutes sent straight to A&E I was then referred to the in house duty GP I waited 5 hours to be told I need to see my own gp in the morning even though they were aware of my condition I went home still in a lot of pain couldnt take my hand of my head at all I was in so much pain I couldn’t climb the stairs to bed so I slept on my sofa didnt get much sleep at all finally morning came I managed to get an appointment my gp hit the roof said with my history should have been sent back to A&E he then referred me back instantly I was sat in A&E until midnight waiting on a bed I was in for 7 days they did various tests including CT MRI & Lumber all came back NAD still in constant severe pain I prayed most nites that my head would fall off or explode anything was better than the pain I was seen by neurologist who said based on scans was told probably just cluster headaches was finally discharged before I left dr said they were going to refer me back for a CTV I had this 2 days later was told to go and have a coffee come back in hour half I had my results in 30 mins the Dr I saw told me they found a clot on my brain I was told to stop taking my meds and was being referred back to haem and neurologist. I eventually say haem on 9th Dec who gave me injections I was booked in for January to see them again.

I eventually saw my haematology team who asked if I had seen the neurologist yet I said no I was told should have been referred back as a matter of urgency I had to in the end go back to my gp and have them make the referral I eventually saw them in March she was astounded that apart from being off balance and memory loss and constant pain, she told me the clots were worse than I was told as all over my brain and in my jugular vein she said from what she had read in my notes that when I was sent home I was lucky that I woke up it caused me a lot of anxiety and to be honest I have changed so much I don’t go out as much as i did and will not touch alcohol I was never told the risks of re clotting so I spent a long time living my life thinking I will never clot again how stupid was I. I’m now back on warfarin again so far so good but I will never be so ignorant in the future.

Sharon Mitchell

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